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Works with air and gas diver,

deep dive  for work

Maintenance, exploitation of oil terminal SBM and CBM post (refer to SIR,

6 years of contract without incident)

Déconnexion of SBM buoy, towing to the dock for repair and reconnexion on site

Mooring chains replacement

70 m water depth

Submarine cleaning with HP pump,

hydraulic  rotating brush,  scraper

NDT (No Destructive Test) and inspection

following ISO 9712, video, UT, procatho


Maintenance  of  floating line Ø 24’’

Deconnexion, towing  and floating line test following OCIMF standard

Maintenance of the oil  Platform, FPSO


Replacement of  equipment


Underwater welding certified full position (IS certificat)

Assistance to the drilling,  deep dive for  tube and large size cutting steel profile for conductor pipe passage

Repair  of  leak pipe with resin injection under pressure  without stopping exploitation until 100 bars


ROV operation until 300 m depth

 Assistance for drilling  and research of debris


NDT (No Destructive Test)

following ISO 9712 with an COFREND level 2 VTSA inspector

Cathodic protection measurement

thickness measurement, MPI, picture and video

Découpage oxy arc

Wet bell

ROV control room

Therapeutic chamber n°1 (5 bar)

ROV system- 300 m depth- 6 thrusters

ROV submersible up to 300 m depth

Air  diving control room

Therapeutic chamber n°2 (8 bar)

Underwater welding certified full position

Dive Basket

Wet bell



Harbour works

Hydro barrage

Work on ship


Contact Us

Installation of clamp diam 30 ’’


Wet bell in action